Sunday, July 11, 2010

Carousel of Cards and More!!

Here we are at the Carousel of Cards ...
                                           Francine, Cathy, Erin, Jaye and Randi

We had a great time on June 27th - Fran's house makes for a great stamp area - lots of room ... if she had A/C we'd never leave. As it was we were there most of the day having an absolutely wonderful time .. but first, here's a peek at our swappers - they get better every month! Awesome swaps!! The theme this month was fruits and vegetables ....

Barbara's Swap








And now ... here are pictures from the Carousel of Cards ... everyone made 9 gift enclosure cards with a box to put them in and 15 regular cards - with a portfolio and 2 top note packets to put the cards in. Everyone loved the cards. It was so nice to see everyone enjoying a relaxing day with friends ... STAMPIN'

Sandy, Barb and Randi
Paula, Sorocco and Colleen

Helen's Big Shot technique

Working Hard!!

Karen, Annette and Sandy

Lori and Kori

Sandy and Helen

Francine in action!

Checking out the door prizes

 Look at the cake!

And the spinner card display


Fran was demo-ing a lot

The first group of "grand" door prize winners - Barb and Gail

Jaye and Annette won the big door prizes!

I'll put the actual cards up in another posting ... otherwise it may be a couple years before you see this (not quite ... but you know what I mean

Keep stampin ...

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