Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Digital Studio and Graduation

Hi Stampers!!
Don't forget to sign up to attend my PRE SALE on July 27 and the OPEN HOUSE on July 30!! - Email me!

I've been busy creating scrapbooks in My Digital Studio ... it's sooooo cool and best of all, no MESS!! You can get as creative as you want - or you can stick with a predesigned book. Your choice. I will be having beginner classes in September for MDS - email me if you are interested!

These files are low resolution so you can't see ALL the detail - I will have the books available at the PRE SALE and OPEN HOUSE ... come check them out!

Here's what I did for Kerry's book.

And here's Caitlin's book ... looks totally different, doesn't it? Different kids = different looks!