Monday, March 7, 2011

At Long Last!!

I know, I know, it's been SOOOOO Long since I posted anything! I'm sorry!! But you should know I have been busy in addition to the regular job, hopped a plane to Oregon for a scholarship competition for Kerry, did the taxes (blah) both personal and business!! Did the Fafsa for Kerry, completed 2 Yes 2 twin sized quilt tops and 2 more baby quilts (they were completed completed and given to the babies!!) ... had two classes for Feb and this month I'm doing 3 total ... so I promise - been busy!! So here's some proof of what's been happening ...

The car was FROZEN - covered in ice ... this was the morning we needed to DRIVE to Forest Grove. We made it safely ... carefully - first experience with driving on ice.
Kerry took lots of pictures - see the beautiful blue skies? COLD but pretty

This is where Kerry wants to be next year!

Here's quilt #1 for baby Satori ...

the front

the back

and a close up ... this was really cute baby boy fabric ... little zoo animals

Here are the cards from my February class ... if you didn't come you can see what you missed!

Here's the quilt for little Jax who just made one ... and he had a Dr Seuss birthday party on Dr Seuss's birthday .... and I just happened to have Dr Seuss fabric to make him a quilt.

close up - isn't this fabric cute cute cute?

And here are my March class photos ... we had tons of fun this weekend! Missed  you if you weren't able to make it ...

This is the version with the key

And this one has an antique brad

And this was a cute little money holder

Hopefully I will be able to post more goodies in the near future ... stay tuned. No card making classes for the next 3 months ... classes will start back up again in July or August ... but hopefully I will be able to send some blog updates with new things and even if you aren't in classes with me I hope you keep stampin!