Monday, December 28, 2009

Attendee Listing and Swap Photos

Hi Stampers!!
Now you will have a new place to come and click to see if you are signed  up for classes. On my blog, just under my Founders Circle icon on the right hand side ... it says Click here to see if you are signed up. Click on Attendee Listing and it will take you to a google spreadsheet with the most up to date listing of who's attending what event. Once you are in the google spreadsheet you can click and check on future months. It's just like tabs on an excel spreadsheet!! Just remember, you need to email me if you want to sign up!!

And for those needing some visuals to think about swapping - here just a few samples of some of the swaps we had last year ... as you can tell, one of the themes was black and white!

Now don't be intimated by this next card. This is a Karen card and even though she's really an artist (for real) we still let her participate!! Someday we'll all be as creative as Karen .... for now, we just like to be able to swap with Karen!! Email me today to sign up for 2010's swaps!!

Thanks Karen for inspiring ALL of us!

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