Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year

Hi Stampers!
Hope you all had a very peaceful and happy holiday season ... things were quiet at my house without Cait and yet noisy with the addition of Ryan (Kerry's sweetie) ... this is going to be an interesting year. 3 trips to the mainland, 2 graduations (3 if Andy (Cait's boyfriend) comes home to attend his .... so far 3 quilts to make ... my this is a year of 3 THREE three!! And what that means is there won't be quite as much time for making cards as I would normally ... but I promise, I will do as many classes as I can ... and post as well. I've been neglecting my posting ... last one was in NOVEMBER!! Oh my. much too long ago. Let me look for some pictures to share ... it was a fun craft fair season. Randi and I did 3 - Parker Methodist, Castle (of course) and Heeia. And we did well at all of them. We're learning what stuff will sell. This year I want to make more fabric things (I REALLY missed my Pfaff) and I'm starting already !!

Here's some shots of some of the CUTE things we were selling at the craft fairs ... we had a lot of fun!

Post it note holders

 Kelsey's cute little treat boxes
The very popular hand sanitizer boxes

Kelsey's flower gift card holders

 Randi's calendars

 cookie kits

Cocoa packets

Acrylic post it holders

problem "pill" cure alls

And a larger calendar ...

Hope to see you soon! Keep Stampin'

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