Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Hi Stampers!

I wish I knew how to slow time down ... I'm not doing my normal classes in October BUT I"M busier than ever! Maybe it's that daytime job??? Or the trip to Oregon earlier this month? Visiting Mom, visiting colleges for Kerry AND Stampin' Up's Regional in Portland! Here's a peek at what I've been doing in October ...

I did a class for  group in Waimanalo ... a group of "dog" people ... so they wanted doggie cards and such ...

And now I'm hearing requests from others who want to come to a doggie class and/or purchase doggie cards!! Good thing I have a few extra packets!!

And now it's November 7 ... and I still haven't gotten this posted. We're prepping for the Project Grad event on Wednesday ... gonna be a lot of fun - Cardology 101 - Holiday Edition! 

Here are pictures from our stamp camp in October ... we had scrapbook pages that use only one sheet of designer paper ....

 Lots of friends came to camp ....

Here are the culprits ....aka Ko'olau Stampers Society
Erin, Fran, me and Randi
and yes, I am the only one who forgot my Stampin Up shirt :(

This is a tag caddy - makes a great gift idea when filled with tags!!

There were a few ornaments thrown in ....

More tags

And cards and more tags ... we really made a LOT of stuff!!

And even a few gift ideas for the holidays!!

A customer requested cards to put on packages for a fundraiser's silent auction ... theme was hearts - red and white. Came out cute don't you think???

My upline Jodi was featured in the Stampin' Up magazine as an art contest winner! Jodi's awesome and Barb loves her!! As you can tell! 

Fran is hosting Crafts from the Heart ....

Finally, here we are at the Stampin' Up Regionals in Portland. We had a lot of fun ... cept for the poor Maui people who ended up sick! That was NOT fun. Thank goodness they are better now!! Can you tell it was cold!! We were cold IN the building!!


Keep Stamping!

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