Friday, March 19, 2010

Cards from Spring Buffet ...

Hi Stampers!
Have you been waiting for the cards from the Spring Buffet? Had to put that on hold while we visited colleges. It's pretty tiring driving to places unknown (thank goodness for GPS systems) then finding the right place to park then walking for an hour or longer (while freezing). The weather in Oregon has been very nice - almost no rain, sunny days but cold .... walking around campuses in the high thirties, low forties is COLD.

Here are the cards and boxes we did at the Spring Buffet. We had a really wonderful day of crafting.

This is one of the boxes everyone made and then could put 10 cards and envelopes inside.

And this is the second box everyone made ... it holds 10 cards as well

Here's a contest for you ... For those who READ through my posts ....
Four of us did the cards for the Spring Buffet. Correctly identify a card created by each of us (Cathy, Francine, Randi and Erin) email me and if you are correct you will win a prize!

Here's a treat for you ... I will be doing a mini scrapbook at Shirokiya ... here's a jazzed up version of the scrapbook. I sent this one in to Stampin' Up for a contest they had - you were limited to using 4 products to made your item for the contest, not counting different colors. This is what I submitted.

Hope to see you at Shirokiya one of these days!

Here's Stampin' Up!'s newest special ... this is a gorgeous 2-step stamping set and discounts on several sets for the month of April .... click here

Happy Stamping

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